Create Video

You can easily convert your virtual tour to a video (mpg4 file) and post to Youtube or Facebook.

To create your video, click on "Edit Tour" located to the right of your virtual tour links in the control panel. Next click on "Get Video".

PLEASE NOTE: Your virtual tour should be in a finished form. If you download the video and make changes to the virtual tour, you will need to generate and download an updated video file.

When you click on GET VIDEO you will see two boxes. The first reads DOWNLOAD YOUR VIDEO. The second reads, UPDATE YOUR VIDEO. If this is your first time creating a video, click on DOWNLOAD YOUR VIDEO. If you made changes to you virtual tour and need to generate an updated video file, you will first need to UPDATE YOUR VIDEO and then you can DOWNLOAD YOUR VIDEO.

DOWNLOAD YOUR VIDEO – Click on the link that reads DOWNLOAD NOW. Select SAVE and choose the destination for your video. Please note these are large files and the video conversion can take up to one hour, depending on the number of images in your tour.  You will not be allowed to EDIT YOUR tour at this time.

Once the download process is complete, you can view your video by clicking on your new mp4 file. The file will be named with the tour address and will have the .mp4 file extension, such as 1234LannyLane.mp4

UPDATE YOUR VIDEO – Click on this box only if you made changes to your tour after generating the original video file. By clicking on UPDATE YOUR VIDEO, the video file will be updated. An email will be sent to you, notifying you when the UPDATE is complete. You can then click on DOWNLOAD YOUR VIDEO, to download the revised video file.

Following are the three simple steps and accompanying tutorials to post your video file on You Tube.

1. Generate your video via your account.
2. Create your account on Youtube
3. Upload your video

Next, let's learn how to syndicate your video by clicking here.